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NMTCs can help you generate jobs & economic growth

If you need financing for a project that creates jobs and generates economic growth in a low-income community, New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) might be the answer. NMTC projects can include real estate investments, as well as operating businesses.  To download the NMTC Final Rules click here.

Whether you are looking for funding from a community development entity (CDE) or you are a CDE applying for tax credits from the U.S. Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund, The CED Doctor can provide you professional transactional consulting services.

If you’re a CDE and looking to win an allocation, the CED Doctor can help you present a successful NMTC application.  Dr. Farmer has served the US Treasury as an evaluator of NMTC applications for more than a decade.  We know how to structure you application to receive the maximum points.

If you have applied and been denied a NMTC allocation in a past round of funding, let us perform a basic Application Review.  Our clients have increased their application scores from as little as 10 to as much as 40 points after implementing the suggestions provided from our Application Review.  

Application preparation support can be provided for sections of your application, or The CED Doctor can prepare you NMTC application from start to finish if you prefer.  Clients who have used our service to write their application increased their opportunity to win an award by 40 percent.  

Why should you choose The CED Doctor?

Along with practical development experience in economically distressed communities, Dr. Farmer has served the US Treasury CDFI Fund for more than a decade as an NMTC Application Evaluator.  Dr. Farmer has an insider's perspective on application scoring protocols and can help increase your potential of receiving a tax credit allocation.  Why leave your application to chance when you can improve your chance of winning an allocation simply by allowing us to help you present your best possible case.

Experience in the community development industry

Dr. Farmer is dedicated to serving your industry, and has the specialized industry and technical skills to meet your organizational needs.  Dr. Farmer has significant experience working with investors, developers, lenders, property management companies, community development organizations, and other syndicated partnerships. 

Dr. Farmer also has significant experience helping clients in the governmental and not-for-profit arenas comply with the rules and regulations, as well as mandated deadlines for allocating agencies, lenders, and investors. 

Serving your NMTC needs including allocation and reporting

If you want to apply to the CDFI for NMTC, The CED Doctor can help. If you want to seek individuals or organizations with NMTC allocation to sponsor your project, The CED Doctor can help you succeed in the highly competitive market for New Markets Tax Credit funding. The CED Doctor can help you from the application process right through the post award or allocation processes, including disbursement and reporting requirements

New Market Tax Credit Project Evaluation Form  

Find out which CDEs have been allocated NMTC through this searchable database.  If you would like help finding a provider for your project, complete this form used to gather relevant project characteristics for evaluating NMTC eligibility and benefits.   Download here.